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Before you send the admin team an email which may not be answered for a few days please check to see if the answer you need is contained in this FAQ.

FAQ Sections :

Graphics problems

Q. As soon as I hit the ball everything goes into slow motion and it takes ages to land! What gives?
A. If you have an ATI Radeon graphics card you may need to follow these instructions:-
Q. I have an on-board graphics chip in my PC and Links looks awful. What should I do.
A. The general opinion is that on-board graphics chips are useless for games, particularly Links 2003. If your motherboard has an empty AGP or PCI slot you should consider fitting a separate graphics card (at least 64Mb).

Further help can be found in our Members Tech Forum
Q. I have a monitor and graphics card that can support 1600x1200 but Links 2003 doesn't offer me that option in the graphics preferences. What should I do?
A. Follow the steps in this Forum topic
Q. I have another graphics problem not mentioned here. Help.
A. The Links Corner Admin team are unable to help with this sort of issue.

Please join our Forum if you are not already a member and you will find a lot of friendly members with a wealth of experience who will be only too glad to try and assist you.

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