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Before you send the admin team an email which may not be answered for a few days please check to see if the answer you need is contained in this FAQ.

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Q. Where can I download old Microsoft courses like St. Andrews?
A. Although Microsoft has made several of it's older courses available for free download, due to contractual issues some courses are not available for free. The only legitimate way to obtain these older courses is to buy older versions of Links (97,98,99 etc), usually available on eBay, and use the free converter available from Links Country Club to make the courses playable in Links 2003.
Q. I downloaded some of the newer courses like Augusta 2005 but they won't work in Links 2001 - why not?
A. Links 2001 can only use courses designed with the original version of the APCD design tool. Courses that can be used in Links 2001 can be identified in our course listings by the version column.

Links 2003 however can play both 2003 and 2001 courses.
Q. I downloaded a course and the file name says it is locked. How do I unlock it?
A. You do not need to unlock a course to play it in Links.

The lock is to prevent the course being opened in the APCD (Course Designer). Some designers lock their courses to prevent copying.

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