New Installs of Links 2k3

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New Installs of Links 2k3

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Hello, everyone I'm new here, but have been reading the forum here and playing this version of links for the last 8 months. I did notice a few things that may be helpful to other users. I purchased and downloaded Links from this site and followed the directions to get Links running and it ran beautifully: On windows 7. Downloaded, installed, ran the 1.7 and nvidea patches and I was up and running. Also got the 16x aa thing working too and set 14 in the in the registry to get 1920x1080 resolution. No issue. Then I upgraded to windows 10. This was an upgrade not a clean install and again no issues. But I had to do a clean install of Windows ten, and you guessed it, my nightmares began. Nothing worked everything was borked. Every little minute thing had to be reinstalled, played with somehow, on and on.

*(I did this at first and Links was still borked)* Now for this version of Links from Links Corner, I did this on a clean windows 10 install. I installed like I did for windows seven, installed the patches, went to the registry and set it to 14 for my monitor at 1920x1080, set to 16xx in the nvidia panel. Disaster. My monitor scaled Links way to big and it went way off my screen so I could only see half the game. (I did try that setting to ignore high dpi in windows to no avail)

So what to do? I left the registry setting at 14, didn't change it. Didn't touch the nvidia control panel either. Then I uninstalled links, deleted everything. Reinstalled Links, ran the patches, then I ran the game. VOILA!!! Up and running in 1920x1080.

I hope this helps, I have no idea why it works for me now without issue, but it does.

So thanks for the game, I love it.

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Re: New Installs of Links 2k3

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Excellent! So many guys don't have success as quickly as you did. Thanks for posting this!

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Re: New Installs of Links 2k3

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Cheers, glad you got it going and decided to join and post about it :thumbup:
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