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Nine Bridges at Jeju Island
by Adelade

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 2676
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2021-09-14  83,721,098  bytes 72  7243 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  MOUNTAIN  Nine Bridges at Jeju Island v1.00.crz 
Course ID Course Key
a721837de1e6466592304e1797be23c3  26e7dd639072dfb7daff31047246dfab 


Nine Bridges at Jeju Island is a real mountain course on Jeju Island of South Korea, designed by Ronald Fream and David Dale. It is commonly regarded as one of the very best golf courses in Asia, and was ranked 41st best golf course in the whole world (including American courses!) by Golf Magazine in 2017. It hosted the main PGA Tour at the CJ CUP in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and hopefully will return as a venue soon - which really would be deserved considering how highly regarded the course itself is.

Since choosing this course, I have really fallen in love with it, and I am so pleased to present to you something as rare (even unique?) as a great real Asian course, both famous and fit for PGA pro play. Even quite a unique setting in terms of geology and vegetation in the surroundings too. I hope you'll enjoy your "vacation" to Jeju Island. Be sure to turn on the hole previews if you like trivia.

As for the type of layout - Although there are a few notable exceptions, fairways are mostly generous and pretty easy to hit - as long as you read the many height differences correctly and play wisely at least. So even with the heavy rough, for a PGA course it must be said that it is on the easy side. That is, if played with gentle conditions! The real life setting often features rather windy days and the course was designed with that in mind, so be sure to grab a taste of that sometime for the full authentic experience. A famous piece of history for the course is how Justin Thomas went -9 on day one in the 2017 CJ Cup, and then won the whole tournament after day four at the same -9 score. The wind picked up after the first day, is what happened.

I also very highly recommend a large rate of difficult pins (unless playing on windy maybe), because on every single hole they have this wonderful way of bringing out the excellent strategic design to its most brilliant level, much more so than the easier pins. Rest assured that all difficult pins are comfortably enjoyable on Fc/Fc (and all other pins too) (but don’t mistake that to mean that they mostly are on easy slopes), and no pins are closer to fringes than 9 feet (on most greens the lowest is 10 feet). Greens are often made up of several different distinctive sections, where missing the correct one likely leads to extra tricky recoveries, especially if ending up in one of the many bunkers featuring steep revetted faces. I recommend M/Fc for green settings. Even if the setting probably isn’t ideal for producing really fast or firm greens, the course is famous for being very well kept.

Please do let me know what you think about the course, I welcome all types of feedback (though the constructive type is as always, the most appreciated one), and I am always looking for ways to improve and please as many Linksters as possible for future courses, there is no need to hold back as long as you try to be polite about things. Even minor things. I mean it.

While I have nothing to do with the design of the layout itself, I would love to hear what people think of that and how it plays too (if you don’t like it that's fine - be honest!)

I would also absolutely LOVE to be sent any recorded rounds on this course, at least if your scoring is within realistic numbers (double digits under par feels really silly to me) (but don’t spoil your score!), and especially if playing on realistic conditions (please let me know which wind, firmness and speed you used).

For anyone playing from the Back or Ladies tees, (and without the pro distance mod), if you manage to drive the 14th green without mulligans - please record the shot and send it or post on LC! Maybe even with mulligans. I'm curious if it is possible in Links, I'm thinking probably, but it should be very hard and might require a very rare wind direction. Best I did with a few mulligans was still over 10 yards away from the green-edge I think, but I don’t think I had ideal conditions.

--Things that may be nice to note before playing--
-All areas marked as "vegetation" - which includes all forest and creek areas - play as drop hazards. Think of them as your ball being lost. Ideally Links would have better drop rules, but since it doesn’t, I believe this is the best way (and probably closest to how it is in real life too). Keep in mind that you can always choose to rehit from last location if Links gives you a silly drop area. Mostly the vegetation isn't very close to the main play areas though, so there is not too much to worry about.
-Back tees are based on the most recent PGA tees, Mid tees are based on real-life Blue tees, Fwd based on real-life White tees, Jun based on real-life Yellow tees, and the real-life Red Ladies tees were skipped in favour of having the Ladies tees in Links being an alternate PGA setup (mainly, to enable the alternate tee direction on hole 7, which I believe the PGA used on at least one of their days last time).
-Aside from my recommendation of using a high rate of pins marked as difficult, if you want to play using the 2019 CJ Cup pins, select all #0 for day 1, #1 for day 2, #2 for day 3 and #3 for day 4.
-Also, here is a custom set of pins that I think play really well, without being too difficult (same ones that I used for the recorded round), often utilizing the toughest and most "interesting" green sections, but the easier pins within those sections. I would call them "medium-difficult" overall:
1 14 1 3 16 11 1 0 0 - 13 1 10 3 17 11 13 1 9
-If you want an extra tough challenge...... try:
17 2 17 1 17 0 17 2 17 - 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 16
-If you want to experience the surrounding landscape as accurate as possible, it is recommended that you play on one of the two highest settings for "Picture Quality" in Links' Graphics settings. Otherwise, a significant surrounding hill may not be visible from tee on a couple holes. That said, I have checked a little bit on the lower settings and didn’t see anything too silly.
-The course may possibly look its best with shadows turned off and skies that aren’t too sunny, but I personally play with shadows on and sometimes sunny skies, and I think it looks fine then too.
-I recommend considering trying the course with different view settings. On many holes the rolling elevations are experienced best with the close-up cam. For example, on the second shot on 8th hole, the close-up cam reveals the characteristic infinity green as experienced in real life (perhaps depending on exactly where you end up from tee). Whereas on some other holes you get nicer far vistas of the landscapes such as the creeks, water hazards and freeform bunkers with the panoramic cam.

See ReadMe for more info, including instructions for how to use the attached recorded round, acknowledgements, a statement about sharing of APCD resources, and contact info.

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