Loading course issue in tournament

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Loading course issue in tournament

Post by siredragon »

Long time lurker, first time member here.

So, I just finished round 1 of 'East Lake Tournament course' and go back to tournament menu when out of nowhere the 'next' button is greyed out and a error message displaying saying 'You are currently playing in a tournament which requires the course: East Lake Tournament Course. Please install this course or withdraw......'
The exact same thing happened when I played in the Augusta National invitational.
I downloaded Real Tournament 2021 and the required courses i didn't already had (except those microsoft ones that only is available to buy)

Anyone else got this message before?
I tried to download Augusta National (the same version) the first time this error occured but it didn't help.

Sorry if this is in wrong section.
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Re: Loading course issue in tournament

Post by pmgolf »

First, where is the tournament? What web site? LSPN? The solution lies in the Course ID and Course KEY. Check "Options", "Course Manager", "Check Course ID" button in the Links game. Find out the course ID and course Key the tournament is looking for by asking whoever sets up the tournament. Find the ID and Key for the courses that you have in your /Courses/ directory that you have downloaded. Identify and post the numbers here. With more information, the solution should be pretty easy to figure out.

(you can just use the last 8 digits of each number - that should be enough.)

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Re: Loading course issue in tournament

Post by Adelade »

There are two different Augusta National versions with the same display name "Augusta National 2009", since the 2010 version didnt change the display name, and East Lake Tournament Course also had 2 published versions due to a minor update fixing something, so it could be a mismatch with those. That said, it seems strange if your first round went fine... I assume you're talking about Career Mode, so maybe the season maker made a mistake and included both of the two versions for the same course within the same tournament. In that case the ideal fix would be to change the courses before starting the season, but that wont work if already in progress, so you're better off temporarily adding the other versions to your Courses folder. Both Augusta versions are available in LC's course list, but the old East Lake Tournament isnt... It seems I didnt save mine, perhaps someone else did and would be willing to upload it for you.

P.S. the way you describe it, it doesnt sound like your case involves quitting (or crashing) a session during a round as opposed to between rounds, but I've had 'course file not found' issues before in that type of case, just to add it to the record for the off-chance of it being related in some way to your issue. I think I traced that issue to coincide with the sky glitch caused by having a very large amount of sky files in your sky folder, and loading several courses or new sky settings per Links session (as referenced in this thread: viewtopic.php?p=6480#p6480). When Links starts to have issues with the skies in such a case, but before the game crashes, the hole previews stop working for courses as well, and something must be causing the Course ID or Course key of the active course to mutate or something. Restarting the game fixes it, but if quitting a round midway through, the course file will not be compatible to pick up where left off.
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