Game Ranger & Links 2003

Having hardware or software problems related to Links? Other forum members may be able to help you here.
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Game Ranger & Links 2003

Post by JimArch »

Since moving back to Edmonton, Alberta I am no longer able to play Links online with friends using GameRanger. When I try to host I get this message:

Firewall Problem
You appear to have a firewall or router that is blocking you from playing games.
Firewalls are designed to prevent unwanted communication to and from your computer or network, but sometimes they are too strict and actually block legitimate data. That is what is happening here.
The built-in firewall in Mac OS X (in Sharing in System Preferences) will not be the problem. You will be able to play games with GameRanger with that firewall enabled.
The firewall that is causing the problem is likely to be in your modem/router. You will need to ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or refer to your router's instruction manual for information on how to open UDP port 16000 in your firewall.
Most routers are configured through a web page built into them. You may be able to reach yours here. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offer step-by-step instructions here as every router is different.
If you are at work on a company network or at a university, you may not be able to fix the problem yourself. Instead you may have to ask the network administrator to open UDP port 16000 in the firewall.

I've contacted my server and received no help.

Jim Archibald
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Re: Game Ranger & Links 2003

Post by Adelade »

I dont know much about connectivity issues and Links, but perhaps someone will be able to help you if you determine and tell us the brand and model of your router. If you cant find its manual, if you know the model you might be able to find an online manual by searching.

You say you received no help, what did they say (if anything)?

Possibly helpful at some point - Links Corner's FAQ offers this on connectivity issues:
If you connect to the Internet via a router you may have to 'open' some ports. The method varies from router to router and full details are outside the scope of this FAQ. However, the ports required for Links 2003 are as follows:-

2300 to 2400
Not sure if that info is outdated or not though, I think it was written a very long time ago, but perhaps it still works the same.
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Re: Game Ranger & Links 2003

Post by Titus »

I used to have these router settings for Gameranger, but at the moment I can do without them.
Router Einstellung Gameranger ohne ID.jpg
Router Einstellung Gameranger ohne ID.jpg (154.36 KiB) Viewed 864 times
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