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I'm not able to play the real game but that doesn't stop me from my duty as official Nit Picker.


It is in my capacity as an APCD virgin that I'm offering this information-although I'm sure that you know this already.

I'm looking at cellphone apps that you can use if you're actually playing a round-Blue Golf is only one of several. These things are unbelievably detailed-since they're designed to be used when you're actually on the course playing the real game...and there are dozens of international courses available .

From what I can see they're only available as cellphone apps but I may be wrong...and even if I'm right I bet that you folks can probably do a "workaround".

Anyway like I said if you haven't checked them out (and like I said I'm probably " preaching to the choir) it looks like there's a goldmine of useful stuff.
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Post by Adelade »

Do they have elevation data though that can be accessed without being on-site (and if so, how accurate)? Because thats the big one.
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