Please developers

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Please developers

Post by GoesForIt »

If you add objects like yard markers that stick up, please make them "All Pass Through". Just asking. Most courses use flat markers these days and I know you can't remove a wood or cement marker, but I'm sure local rules would allow a player to drop without penalty. Can't do that in Links.
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Re: Please developers

Post by Adelade »

I agree, I think I've always made my water hazard sticks like this. Playability over realism IMO, in cases where Links cant provide full realism anyway.

Except, the density or the dampening needs to be put to lowest as well, or else it will still slow down the ball and cause a sound like a golf ball going through foliage. The above image will make the ball slow down by 50% for example, which is better than a hard bounce, but still rather unfair for objects which in real life golf would be removable or grant free drop.
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