A step away from modern day

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Re: A step away from modern day

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To each their own for sure. Yes it is definitely ideal to vary between a large amount of speeds to prevent getting too familiar with any of them, and I get your point of slow conditions being a challenge in itself, but I have a very very hard time seeing that coming anywhere close to the challenge of speeds from F/Fc and faster, even if you get very accustomed to those. Because by then you need to be oh so defensive with your putting if you dont want to risk the incredibly severe punishment of a missed putt, which - depending on swing type, difficulty setting and green tools used - can turn even short putts into a realistic challenge instead of a clean-up chore. The subtleties of slopes have much more of an affect on the ball which makes it much harder to actually read the greens correctly too. And besides, its not only the putting then, hitting into the green/pin from both afar and with chipping gets so much harder as well. As I've built up more and more of a library of custom pins for courses, Im starting to feel like using those speeds more often than I have been. As for soft conditions, I like using that now and then as well for the challenge, but I believe S/Fc which I use gives probably more backspin than S/S. I suppose I could be wrong, I havent tried S/S for 16 years (and I cant imagine that I will be - Im certain that the "glue" challenge isnt my type of thing). More courses becoming eligible so to speak is of course an excellent point, but I feel like then you'd kinda need to keep finding custom pins somewhat mid-slope for those slow settings to keep it interesting, which would make for an odd mix with the courses that in fact are suitable for realistic speeds, and I think its much more fun when there are challenging slopes around the hole rather than right at the hole.

Did you see my question about AA for Links 2000 though?
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Re: A step away from modern day

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Adelade wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:35 pm Did you see my question about AA for Links 2000 though?
Don't use AA, don't believe it works but haven't really tried to make it work. Happy to play the game as is. Can't see AA improving anything.

Interesting the glue comment. Guess some like glue while others like marble. :thumbup: :laugh:
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