Fullscreen Issue on Second Screen - Swing to the Right

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Fullscreen Issue on Second Screen - Swing to the Right

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Odd issue here.
Trying to get Links set up on my Pincade system I've been building. (Virtual Pinball cabinet with arcade controls as well)
In this system, I have three monitors, the pinball playfield is monitor 1, the DMD is monitor 2, and the backglass is monitor 3.
(If unfamiliar, here's a youtube video of someone else's, main difference is I have a single joystick, and a trackball in the middle so I can play golf or bowling games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNVnnkQQ4fI )

If I play Links on Monitor 1, it works perfectly in either windowed or full screen modes. (But given that this monitor is installed at 90*, not very enjoyable). I want to play on monitor 3, which is a 104x1280 display.

If I configure links to use that display, on full screen, no matter 16 or 32 bit, the real time swing will go to the right of the ball, every single time, no matter what. if I play windowed mode on the same monitor, same resolution, swing meter works perfectly, and I can hit the ball.

I also tried fullscreen 800x600 on that monitor, same issue. Mouse works perfectly until I initiate a swing, then it is impossible to pull the mouse straight back, it immediately jumps to the right. But again, windowed mode works perfectly.

On a GTX770, installed latest patch and NVidia patches.

Any ideas? I can play windowed, but it's not as nice...
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