2003 Links would not launch

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Hisako Duellman
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2003 Links would not launch

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We purchased the Links 2003 and downloaded a couple of years ago. It had been going well until a couple of days ago that Links 2003 would not launch, instead the "Insert CD" statement appears. Since we downloaded, there is no CD to insert. How do I go about this problem?
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Re: 2003 Links would not launch

Post by pmgolf »

Take the current Rukshuk.exe file out of the /Links 2003/ folder and put it in some other folder. Download this .ZIP file and put the Rukshuk.exe file inside it into your /Links 2003/ folder.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyajq2nge0ofz ... 2.zip?dl=0

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