Installing Links on new computer

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Ian Wells
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Installing Links on new computer

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I have partitioned the SSD on an iMac via BootCamp and installed Windows.

As I don't have my Links CDs with me I purchased the download from Links Country Club with the separate download of the players, and the Nvidia patch. (I also ran the 2,5 and 7 patches.) I ran the files and located them in C:\Links2003.When I launch Links the screen goes black and an empty small window with a white header appears. After a minute or so the screen flashes and the small window gets a Windows blue header After a further minute or so the screen flashes again and I suspect it will continue at minute intervals. I shutdown the computer with the power button but on restart the Apple Magic keyboard doesn't work. I have to pull the plug and reboot. Which I am not happy with as I do not know if this will cause problems in the future - as you have realised I am not a computer person.
(As an aside when I downloaded APCD [the one that Danny uploaded] to the partition, it works but it is much slower than on my old HP laptop. It is fine if I turn the Surface off before I Navigate. I used this machine to make the Hole Previews on Peachtree.)

I have looked through all the posts and I cannot find a solution, I am stuck. :helpsmilie:
I have realised that I have a copy of links on my remote disc. I uninstalled Links and loaded it from my remote drive and it works. Obviously there must be a problem with the download from Links Country Club.

I do have a problem with it though. When I play a course I can't access the custom pins. The button is dead.

Any help will be appreciated.

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