Why The Links Golf Game Is Better Than Real Golf

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Why The Links Golf Game Is Better Than Real Golf

Post by guitarget2019 »

I can eat while I play. Drink anything I want.

The bathroom is always 8 steps away.

I can save my game anytime, for as long as I need to.

I can play in any weather or temperature.

I can play barefoot.

I can choose the conditions I play in. From Dart Golf, where balls can often spin back off the green - to being able to hit a driver 400+ yards because the wind behind the ball is maxed out and the fairways & greens are rock hard dry.

I have access to 2,000+ digital golf courses, some based on courses so private I might not be able to play them even if I were a president’s son. Only had to pay for maybe two dozen of them – but every single course I paid $5 for is a “10.”

I can change my skies into anything I want, though I mostly leave it on blue skies.

I can – and often do – project a 3D grid on every green.

As my hip & knee problems worsen, I can still play Links golf.

I can print all my Links scorecards – or, save them digitally, where about 8 million of them will fit on a small USB drive.

Most recent Links courses are created using actual 3D terrain mapping software, accurate to the inch, and available online to incorporate directly into the Links course designer. This is amazing, to me.

A good working copy of Links – which I no longer have, due to it being 21 year old software – allows you to pick and name your own playing partners – even add a real image - and, you can adjust their abilities to play golf: from as bad as I am IRL – to beating the crap out of Tiger Woods. (I used to set up games where I’d give four computer players 100% ability across the board, then let them battle it out. Well, where else am I going to be able to watch the four best golfers in history play at Pine Valley?)

I can play from any tee I want to with Links, without the usual commentary from my playing partners. I enjoy playing from the Ladies Tees sometimes, mostly because I really enjoy driving par 4’s in one shot.

I can play in dead silence. I can play in what they describe as a “Natural Wall Of Sound.” I can play with the voices of actual golf announcers. There are even specific sounds available to download for free that are from U.K. golf telecasts and Masters telecasts. Comedic & often r-rated sounds.

You can save every game. And, every shot. I have quite a digital collection of Holes-In-One. (Again, 10,000 shots would (maybe) be a few thousand bytes of storage. My descendants will be able to play golf with me.)

Even after 21 years, we still have a small but dedicated online community to share and learn with. Want to start designing your own golf courses? These folks will help you through every step. Good on ya’s!

You can set up an entire golf season – and, play along with the professional tours, most weeks.

I can play online.

There are quite a few A/I players available to play against, and all of them are available to use as your own player.

I can make up my own golf games, with my own rules, then save it and reuse it anytime I want.

Three choices of onscreen ball size.

Course & Player stats are automatically recorded.

I can practice one, or all 18 holes of a course, using whatever conditions and tees I want.

There’s a free driving range.

Fantasy courses are available, all for free. I can play on the moon, in the snow, or at Rivendell (LOTR.)
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Re: Why The Links Golf Game Is Better Than Real Golf

Post by Danny D »

guitarget2019 wrote: June 24th, 2024, 5:25 pmFantasy courses are available, all for free. I can play on the moon, in the snow, or at Rivendell (LOTR.)
And you can even play at night at Midnight GC by Lars Rudbeck :thumbup:
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Re: Why The Links Golf Game Is Better Than Real Golf

Post by morvio100 »

Guitarget ia completly right in all he says....remarkable to think that 21 yr old coding still rules the roost in golf ball physics...I watched yt videos of the latest "apparently" state of the art stuff like Trackman https://www.trackman.com/golf/simulator/courses... although their courses a quite beautiful....their accuracy I'm not sure of...but the ball physics they have a poor in comparison to Links2k3,,,with guys like Linkster and others ...incorporating the Qguis mapping software....seems Links is STILL numero uno
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