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Post by sagevanni »

Hi everyone,
I had some setbacks and spent the better part of the last 4 weeks in the hospital.
I'm not going to go into anything other than to say I'm feeling good right now after a lot pain and troubles.
I never want to go through it again. I pray I don't

I'll be working my way back slowly in APCD..........bear (spelling) with me.

I love you guys...........

Sage....... :cheers1:
If there is one thing ................ummmmmmmm.......I can't remember.
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Re: Sage

Post by Daniel »

Sorry to hear you was in Hospital Sage. I was also in Hospital they let me out on Christmas Day, Kidney Stones very painfull.I hope you keep well from here on in what would we do without you, your courses are always well put together and many on here look forward to playing them.Keep up your good work Sage but please take your time there is no rush to churn out courses as you have in the past. ONE A WEEK WILL DO NICLEY LOL.
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Re: Sage

Post by pmgolf »

Glad you made it through that rough patch, Sage. I hope your health heads back toward normal real soon!

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Re: Sage

Post by Jimbo »

As much as we miss your great APCD'ing NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR HEALTH.
Get well and the whole Links community is thinking about you! :thumbup:
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Re: Sage

Post by PinHi »

Hope everything is good for you now. As already said your health is more important than anything else. Rest and relax. :yes:
Ian Wells
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Re: Sage

Post by Ian Wells »

:cheers1: to your good health, and all the very best. :cheers1:
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Re: Sage

Post by Kunkleman »

Ian Wells wrote: January 13th, 2024, 5:01 am :cheers1: to your good health, and all the very best. :cheers1:
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Re: Sage

Post by ChuckH »

Great to hear from you, Sage. :thumbup:
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Re: Sage

Post by AGLZZ »

Hope you feel better. Focus on your Health
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Re: Sage

Post by fiver »

Sorry to hear you ended up back in the hospital. Please feel better and take your time getting back into APCD. We can wait for Tot Hill whenever you are ready. Stay safe.

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