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Post by Davefevs »

Hi. Thanks for approving my login.

Used to be on here a good number of years ago, before family started taking up my time. Used to play on the OWGT (think that was what it was called) and loved the modded Links 2003. Hi to anyone who was around in those days, seen a few forum names I remember from browsing this forum and been looking through the old courses, like Wagga Wagga and Gut Kaden that were my go to courses if not playing the OWGT ones alongside the real tour courses.

No longer a PC user, have a Mac, and have started looking into getting Parallels so I can fire up Windows and play Links. Still can access my Links Country Club account and my downloads are still there! I did have Perfect Golf but just can’t get steam to work on my Mac, and not sure anything has come out since Links 2003 that is better, although see that there is a version called Links E6 too since last summer.

Any advice whether Parallels is the way to go?

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Post by Slattery »

I play Perfect Golf occasionally on Steam (PC). There are still alot of people that play it online but unfortunately I think it has been abandoned by its creators so there will be no more developments for it.
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