New Golf Game

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New Golf Game

Post by Blade »

I posted this earlier @ LSPN

I Received this Message from Mark Hulka in response to a query of mine, I haven't checked it out yet, I might just leave it to others who enjoy the Odd Dabble with all things new.

Hi David,

I'm so sorry for the delay in responding. I do not own the rights for Links. I just saw the new game though - I had no idea. So it looks like the original team got the rights back to create a new game!! I can't believe they didn't tell me about it.

TruGolf is the company that was created by a bunch of former Access Software crew to create full size simulators. E6 is the engine they use for their simulators.

That being said, I don't see any reason to think Links 2003 or the LSPN is going anywhere.

I'm so sorry for not responding sooner.


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Re: New Golf Game

Post by pmgolf »

I looked at E6 a while back. It looks pretty good, but I like Links 2003 better. No RTS swing. I don't think they have the Powerstroke swing either. The courses look ok, but I like the newer Links courses better! Somebody will certainly like the new E6 Links, but I don't think any of the old diehard Links 2003 fans will be among them.

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Stephen Sullivan
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Re: New Golf Game

Post by Stephen Sullivan »

No decent mouse swing like powerstroke means no purchase from me. It's why I was banned from PP forum and gave up playing it :banned:
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