Links 2003 Career Mode Pack - Season - PGA 2006

Seasons and Rosters available for download to enjoy when playing Links2003 Career. Plus Career simulations
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Links 2003 Career Mode Pack - Season - PGA 2006

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Links 2003 Career Mode Pack


* Links CM Earnings.xls: With this Excel program you will be able to keep track of all earnings throughout a whole 48-week season. You will have result sheets of all 48 tournaments whether you played in them or not.
* Pro Roster & Mod file: Up to date roster based on the current World Golf Rankings set up to generate realistic scoring and cuts.
* Second Half of the Year Season: A 24 week season starting from the British Open to the end of the year with correct purses included.

How it works:

* Back-up or rename your Pro Roster.ROS and your Pro Roster .MOD in your CAREERMODE folder in the main Links 2003 folder. Drop the 2 included Pro Roster files and the PGA 2nd Half 2006 season file in the folder.
* Start up Links and go to Options / Season Manager / Rosters. Under ‘Roster level’ select Pro Roster, check if the updated roster is there and then click on ‘Test Roster’ to generate the required .csv file.
* Create a new player or clone your current player and start a new Career. Make sure your Amateur Roster is setup that they play poorly enough so that you will win. Play your qualifying game on your favorite course (Selected in the Season Setup) as a warm-up round.
* Open the Links CM Earnings.xls (Don’t change this file name) and follow the instructions to generate the first half of the year earnings. The 2006 Schedule is included with the purse for each tournament. The tournament results are generated from the csv file, which is based on your current Roster settings.
* Now you can play the British Open. Make sure you select your course and set-up for each round. Leave the difficulty slider in the middle for a first round score of around –6. You can move the slider around between rounds to keep it interesting. IMPORTANT: Make sure to save the STANDINGS.TXT (Sample included) file after the fourth round. (The page with the results and earnings). Rename it to include the tournament name.
* Now you can update your earnings in the Links CM Earnings by navigating to the relevant text file.


A big thanks to Mike Cropf for his time and effort on the programming.

Hope this adds to your enjoyment of Links Career Mode. I plan to add the 2007 season and roster once it’s available.


Adriaan Maarschalk (Highfade)


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