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Garden Yards
by Jimmy Trawets

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 560
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-09-02  21,720,735  bytes 70  6030 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
910457609fdc11d5908c0010b5396967  25f447b9bab3d9e8a74f855f3c45d952 



Reviewed by Joe Turner (loner)

This is an unusual looking course but I suppose that is to be expected from an 'imaginary' course. The tees, mowed fairways and greens were nicely done and the rough was a brownish deep grass, rather unappealing to me. The unusual assortment of trees both green and color were well mixed but fit the 'theme' of this course.

The putting surface was quite sloped and not very interesting but it was puttable, as your high amount of birdies will prove. The course being so short 6030y you were usually on the green in two or occasionally one on a four par. The majority of the holes were either straight with a few 'target golf' ones thrown in but for the most part quite easy. The fairways had some undulation and elevation changes to them and you will have to watch the usually good elevation meter and the caddie. He tried to be imaginative occasionally with the hole shapes but they turned out to be strange not inventive.

8th hole, par 4, 352y, just cut straight across to the flag, 283y, with 32y to go a lw put you in place for another in a string of birdies.

9th hole, par 5, 580y, cut across to the small outcropping of land surrounded on three sides with water using a 3w, 264y. That will leave 157y to the pin, watch your caddie and use a 3 iron it put me within 17ft of the cup.

18th hole, par 4, 368y with a 30.7ft drop, a 3w kept me in the first fairway and gave me a 258y drive, keep to the right side of the bunkers. With a 107y approach shot I used a sw for excellent placement. There was a very nice clubhouse but it didn't have any planting.

To my untrained eye this course looked very well made and with a little imagination in the creation of holes I believe he could design some very nice courses. This course however playable was not enjoyable with the odd drives and sloped greens. Even with this small download I wouldn't recommend this course. Unless you haven't any others that you are looking forward to play. As I said it is playable but far from exciting or challenging.

Course Info :
Cameo Screen? Yes
Splash Screen? Yes
Text file? Yes
Hole Previews? No
Reviewed November 2001

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