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Forestlakes Golf Course
by Chris Spriggs

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 460
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-06-28  26,095,262  bytes 71  6669 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  WOODLAND  Florest Lakes C.C.crz 
Course ID Course Key
c31637e40e8147769607c30750d138b3  894d78ed2d323fc3491bc8931109320f 


Reviewed by Joe Turner `Loner'

July 2001

5th hole, par3, 141y, there is a huge bunker guarding the front of the green which shouldn't be a problem. Using an 8 iron with three clicks up in trajectory (setup) will get you a great shot at the flag.

6th hole, par 4, 297y, the flag is completely guarded in the front right by a bunker , and the green is guarded by water in front. Aim to the left of the bunker as close possible. Using setup, go 3 clicks down in trajectory, then hit both snaps on the button. I landed 35ft from pin. You may, of course, lay-up and chip onto the green, but this is more fun. Eagle?.uhhh, no, not on this green.

11th hole, par 3, 183y, this hole has a slight drop to the flag. use a 5 iron with 2 clicks up in trajectory and you're in like a porch climber.

16th hole, par 4, 472y, if you aim just a tad above the third bunker on the left, and hit the snap, you'll clear the trees.

17th hole, par 3, 161y, if you look in the dictionary for ugly it has a screen shot of this hole; watch out for the raised green.

18th hole, par 4, 263y, this one looks too easy in comparison to the rest of the course but looks can be deceiving. Move the ball to the left of the tee, aim 185y, up the to the left of this narrow fairway, fade with a 7 iron and you should have it.

The choices of the caddie and the elevations are very good, as well as the top views.

The redraws seem extremely fast on this course.

These undulating greens are mostly moderate, but tend to be a bit easy. Some of the greens are raised, as are a few of the tees, this gives you a different feel at each hole.

If you don't plan your shots carefully, you're going to end up in one of his very, well placed fairway or greens bunkers. Miss slightly and you drop because of wild grass, or even worse, take a swim. The lakes are plentiful on this course and are placed where they can do the most damage

This course is beautifully planted for it's download size. His choice of greens for the tees, roughs, fairways and greens blend extremely well. His use of colors is refreshing. The under growth adds to the feel of this course.

The water treatments are wild grass, and in addition to being dangerous, are very attractive.

Even though whistler's pano is used here you are busy with the game and it doesn't seem as objectionable as it does on other courses.

The course is one that I feel has been overlooked, and unfortunately so. I found each hole to be imaginative and fits well with the feel he planned for this challenging course. Yes, I liked it very much and would rank it with courses such as New Stony, Whirlpool, and Leaffield, winners all and all overlooked, but extremely well done courses that will stand up to the test of time.

This is one of his first two courses. If he can maintain the quality and resist the temptation of grinding out a course a month we have another quality designer .

I highly recommend this course and hope you will give it the opportunity it deserves

Filesize 23MB

Reviewer Note

I am a player not a designer and therefore rate a course as a player for other players.

Summary :

Included: read me, Ball washer (1), buildings, signs, tents, deer, birdhouse, ( yes, on 13th green)

Not included: cameo, splash, custom flag, custom tees.

Statistical information: par 71, 6669y, played bck/nw/m/m, 'F' type course, download size 22mb.

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