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 Size ^  Date  
2001Golfcom Tee's
Dan Deshaney
- - 6.7 2001-02-18
2003TSouthern Oaks Expanded
Dan DeShaney
BETA 257.4 2017-08-09
2003TNorthern Lakes - the Pro Course
Dan DeShaney
- - 58.9 2018-01-03
2003TNorthern Lakes Championship Course
Dan DeShaney
- - 77.1 2018-01-03
 VERSIONS  2001 - Can be played in any version of Links from 2001 onwards
2003 - Can be played in any version of Links 2003
2003T - Can be played in version 1.07 and later of Links 2003
 TYPES  R - Real   |   F - Fictional   |   I - Imaginary
 STYLES D - Desert  |  H - Heathland  |   L - Links
M - Mountain  |  O - Ocean  |  P - Parkland
T - Tropical  |  U - Unclassified  |  W - Woodland

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