2 Waste Area textures

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2 Waste Area textures

Post by EJ55 »

All, As any who have searched for them sandy waste area textures are hard to come by. I needed to create a sandy waste area texture for my course and found a 1600 x 900 ish texture that was really what I was looking for....

I created a 1600 square area and cloned from there to make it as real as I felt I could. I changed coloring for my own use but wanted to share an earlier version if any of you all could use either.

Just save images and convert to TGA files.



If needed ,please use them or alter them at your leisure, no credit is necessary.

Have fun and many blessings to you all!

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Re: 2 Waste Area textures

Post by pmgolf »

Nice! Thanks!


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Re: 2 Waste Area textures

Post by Adelade »

Thank you for sharing! Looks great :clapping:
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AJ Allen
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Re: 2 Waste Area textures

Post by AJ Allen »

Yes, thank you. I grabbed the textures, altered the colors a little and tried one of them as a little waste area in my dry grass. I need to mess with the scale of the planar, but looks pretty good to me. See screenshot below, where my golfer is standing on it. This might make for a good texture to use for some little walkways through the bushland. :cheers1:

Cheers, AJ
waste-texture.jpg (507.93 KiB) Viewed 96 times

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Stephen Sullivan
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Re: 2 Waste Area textures

Post by Stephen Sullivan »

Thanks for sharing. They may come in handy if I ever pluck up the courage and find better elevation information for here https://www.almoujgolf.com/18-hole-course/ or any other European Tour courses that have waste areas.

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Re: 2 Waste Area textures

Post by 72Animal »

Thank you for the textures, Eddie! I'm sure one of my courses will need them.

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