Links 2003 current state of affairs with AMD / NVIDIA cards.

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Links 2003 current state of affairs with AMD / NVIDIA cards.

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Hello all, long tenured player from the old old Links: Challenge of Golf days. :)

I had occasion to go through some video card updates recently and thought I'd give a warning as to the state of play with the latest cards from the red and green team. This is on a desktop system.

I previously had an AMD Radeon 390. With current drivers (20.02.2) this card played Links fine, it did anistropic filtering at 16 and did anti-aliasing at 8X.

Unfortunately I had to replace it and moved up to the new navi architecture based 5600XT. This is when things went south. The drivers plus the card produced a very ugly checkerboard effect on the golfer and other places where it was trying to anti-alias. I reported this to AMD in this thread:

I returned the 5600XT and got a Radeon 590 which was the prior generation. That worked ok again with Links and the latest drivers, but it was overheating in other areas so that went back.

I then decided to try team Green for the first time in 12 years or so, and got a Geforce 2060. Apparently NVIDIA has long had problems with Links 2003 and anti-aliasing and I hit that, certain graphic elements are missing with AA turned on. However, you can get around this by turning on FXAA which applies an anti-aliasing to every pixel. This works better in fullscreen mode, NVIDIA now also has sharpening options so you can sharpen the image up a bit when using FXAA. Using NVIDIA you also get access to the opaque shadow for the golfer if you want. I urged NVIDIA to fix the problem too, here: ... links-2k3/

I don't have a late model AMD to see if they have fixed the issue yet w/ 20.03.1. NVIDIA is working alright w/ FXAA as mentioned for now. Good luck!

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