Aim Marker goes crazy

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Aim Marker goes crazy

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In advance: sorry for my bad English- I am German and living at Munich, Bavaria.
I have built a small computer with Windows XP as operating system only for playing MS links 2003.
I downloaded the CD-version from the internet and installed it, the courses I bought at the Links Country Club.
The play ran very well with one exception: I couldn´t play the practice courses because the aim marker didn´t work. With the left-click of the mouse it didn´t show up, with right-click it became visible and could be positioned with the left mouse button. But with no effect on the stroke- the ball flew somewhere.
After some time the computer player (the partner) started to begin each stroke twice. I tried to fix it without success and finally reinstalled the CD`s. I shouldn`t have done that: now the aim marker didn´t work anywhere. The game became unplayable. I thought that the CD-version was perhaps corrupted and bought the download-version at the Links Country Club (Links2K3_Down.exe). Unfortunately I had the same problems afterwards: the aim marker goes crazy.
I hope that someone in this forum knows this problem and will come up with a proposal or a solution.
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Re: Aim Marker goes crazy

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<<the computer player (the partner) started to begin each stroke twice>>
The computer player doing this is a known bug that nobody has address or fixed.
The other problem about the aiming marker I know nothing about. :dunno:
Have you installed all the updates?
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