St. Andrews Old Course HD

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St. Andrews Old Course HD

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Does anyone happen to know whether or not Stewart Parker is still designing / upgrading courses for Links ?

I couldn't seem to find him as a Links Corner Forum member on this new iteration of the site. The reason I ask is that he did such a superb job on upgrading the "Old Course" to HD, high res status....( albeit 8 years ago )....

I was wondering if he maybe had plans to upgrade both the "New" and "Jubilee" courses up to that level, since the bones of the courses are already there to work with. When I play a round on the HD version of the Old Course, it seems so natural and realistic now. Plus the detail of the buildings is outstanding as well. I just thought it would be nice to have the 3 St. Andrews venues we currently have, all at the same degree of craftsmanship.

If anyone happens to know Stewart's email,( or if he's a member on this Forum and I just overlooked it), please let me know.


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