Links 2000 on Windows XP

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Links 2000 on Windows XP

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This is just an information thread for anyone who has tried but cannot get Links 2000 installed on Windows XP. I know there was more than one thread like this on the old tech forum.

While playing around with Links 2000 on Win XP and Win 10, I came across the reason for those install issues. For that one person who may one day try to run Links 2000 on XP and the install does not work, here is what you need to do:

During installation you will be asked if you want to install Indeo Video. If you are running Windows XP with SP1 or earlier, you can say yes. The Indeo codecs are required for the Multimedia content. The codecs are not required for any part of the game play. If you go to the Multimedia section, you can watch the videos in-game.

Now, if you have Win XP with SP3, DO NOT install the Indeo codecs when it asks you. Doing so will more than likely screw up your entire Links 2000 installation and not allow it to complete. Not installing the codecs will mean you won't be able to run the multimedia videos in the game. No big deal.
I am guessing there was an SP2 released, I don't have that so could not test.

Hope the info helps someone someday. :thumbup:
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