Real Tournaments 2020

Seasons and Rosters available for download to enjoy when playing Links2003 Career. Plus Career simulations
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Real Tournaments 2020

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Real Tournaments 2020
by Lord Hearteater

Here is the 2020 edition of the most realistic US PGA Tour season for Career Mode.


Sorry for the upload delay. Real life can get in the way. Welcome to my best Career Mode season yet. All four major championships are on their real-world venues, for the first time in the history of my Real Tournaments series.

Fans of my "ultimate" treatment of major championships for which no current year's course is available might enjoy the Ultimate Senior US Open, if they are unable to procure Winged Foot West 2006.

There's literally only 2 or 3 off weeks between Kapalua and the Open Championship, so those who like to play along with the pros on the telly will have plenty to keep them engaged. The northern autumn is not represented. Play a 12-week season and pass Q-school during that time (i.e. NOW, as of this writing), if you are new to the game, or have yet to win a pro tournament.

After the Open, the first week of FedEx Cup play is represented as the Week 23 event. Week 24's invitational is the Ryder Cup, a match-play event for $1.5M (the minimum, as there is no prize money in real life).

There are more changes at the amateur level of RT2020, with newer real world events at more recently-created Links-playable courses being inserted. The direction established with RT2019 featuring more European Tour events at the semi-pro level, along with the tradition of using defunct American events to fill the spaces at this level has been carried forward. I want to make all levels engaging and challenging for the player, but remember that the player is always the final editor, before the season starts.