Install Links on Windows 11

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Install Links on Windows 11

Post by JimArch »

I've been enjoying Links for over 20 years without a hitch. However, since moving to a new computer with Windows 11, I've not been able to play.
I ran Links2K3_Down and Links2K3_nvidia_win7_FINAL to install on the new computer, but the graphics are all screwed up.
So. will Links 2003 run under Windows 11? If so, how do I fix it?
Thanks for any help you can offer.

Jim Archibald,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Re: Install Links on Windows 11

Post by Adelade »

Plenty members have been able to get the game running well enough on Windows 11, the problem may be something other than the OS. Let us know the models of your CPU / GPU?

Do I understand correctly about the game and a course loading "fine", and the weird graphics being the issue? Can you show us a screenshot of how it looks?

Make sure you have the graphics set to a 32-bit mode instead of a 16-bit for starters.
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