The Old Antialiasing Bugaboo

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Re: The Old Antialiasing Bugaboo

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Try FXAA in the meantime.
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Re: The Old Antialiasing Bugaboo

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chad wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 4:56 pm I've played Links 2003 since day one, and all other versions before it. I can safely say that the game has never looked better than it does now.
Agree. :thumbup:
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Re: The Old Antialiasing Bugaboo

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chad wrote: Sat Apr 03, 2021 8:11 pm Ok...this comes with a bit of warning. Each monitor calibration, video card settings, OS, etc. could have a different results. So your 'mileage may vary' with my suggestion for improving video in Links. I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, and have tested multiple settings extensively. I've found these settings work remarkedly well with my PC setup. I passed these settings to another Linkster with a Nvidia card and it worked great for his setup as well. As everyone know, Links 2003 was not shipped with AA capabilities. Adding this to the game can work, but the results are varied. I feel these settings provides the correct balance with skies, panos and the main cam. This is designed for players with Nvidia card only.This should reduce the jaggies seen in the game significantly, but not eliminate them them completely. Hope you find this useful! :thumbup:

1. Download Nvidia Inspector ...
2. Unzip someplace on your hard drive. Launch nvidiaProfileInspector.exe
3. From the Profiles drop down menu, select Links 2003
4. In the files you unzipped is a file entitled NPI Settings.png. Open it.
5. Match these settings. Other settings above this works...but the results I've found are lacking, like washed out panos, skies are too bright, etc.
6. After selecting these changes, click the Apply Changes button. Close the app down. These settings will be applied indefinitely or until you make another change.
7. Next, open the Nvidia Control Panel. From the left side list of options, click Manage 3d Settings. In the files I provided, open NvCP1 3D Settings.png, NvCP2 3D Settings.png and NvCP3 3D Settings.png...this will display the Program Settings I have setup for Links. Match what you see in these screen grabs. You can boost the Antistrophic filtering to 16x if you want, but on my machine it brightens things too much and washes out the pano.
8. If you made any changes in Manage 3d Settings, click the Apply button on the lower right corner.
9. Still in the Nvidia Control Panel...from the left side list of options, select Adjust Desktop Color Settings
10. Open the NvCP Adjust Desktop Color Settings.png, and match those settings. Click Apply and close the NCP.
11. Launch Links, and load a course that you were having display issues with (aka jaggies). I like to test Pinehurst #2 HD, first tee. Another course great for skies and pano validation is Zeitsbergen. You may have to adjust the contrast and brightness a bit, to calibrate with your monitor and find the settings you like. I have a Samsung curved monitor, and these settings looks top notch on my equipment.

Hit 'em straight and again, I hope this helps resolve your display issues in Links 2003.
Chad-I don't know how to tell you this, but I think you're pointed in the wrong direction.
Of course I may be wrong...
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