lost links clubs file

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Re: lost links clubs file

Post by jorson2 »

So sorry

i tend to speak in circles

first off i play mostly in gr against friends

they have custom anis and clubs as do i

i have older gentlemen who just rename original anis and clubs from either links 2001 or 2003

this is the place that ive noticed them swinging with no clubs hence thinkin ive either lost clubs file (that came with download) in my version of links
2003 or the game doesnt put in a default club as it did previously if indeed it does this not sure

i have a version of links clubs in clubs folder and i can choose them if i recreate another player

was hoping not to fully reload a version of links from links corner (which i did last time i found myself in this predicament)

all other aspects of game work perfectly fine

really just an irritant

sorry once again for my rambling and ty for any ideas

btw: since the custom clubs show up in game play on gr i must assume file for clubs is in the proper place

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Re: lost links clubs file

Post by gator »

I would still check the virtual store folder I previously mentioned. If you have that folder and it doesn't have the clubs.l3 file in it, what do you have to lose?
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Re: lost links clubs file

Post by pmgolf »

It may be easy to check this. Get one of your buddies to set up his regular animation to use the "clubs.l3" file (or just "clubs"). Then have him go into the /Polyani/ folder and rename "clubs.l3" to "XXclubs.l3", and go into the /Polyani/Clubs/ folder and again rename the "clubs.l3" to "XXclubs.l3" (there is a clubs.l3 file in both folders). Play a GR round against him. I'm betting that you won't be able to see his clubs.

I'm guessing that your player on your monitor is using the clubs file in the /Polyani/Clubs/ folder. Your player on your friend's monitor uses the clubs file from the /Polyani/ folder, and I don't think you're supposed to rename that one.

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Re: lost links clubs file

Post by g3b »

I would ask if you are using version 1.07 patched of the links 03 game. I would just run the 1.07 patch & it re-installs some items & adds features. This patch enables you to use other clubs (available in add on section in the forum --- this feature may be available in std install). The club folder is located in the poly ani folder inside the Links 2003 folder. Just d/l club sets from the forum & copy and paste into the club fold inside the ani folder.

Hope this helps,
g3b :smile:
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Re: lost links clubs file

Post by jorson2 »

ty to all who tryed to helpout
i just rebought game and it fixed issue
must have somehow deleted or corrupted file

back to seeing swinging clubs makes all the difference in enjoyment of links

im just thankful i have this group to sound off on

once again ty for help



i could use sum help with external hard drive and loading courses and how it effects game play

do i transfer the file or just its contents and will links acknowledge them if hard drive is connected to pc

issue being freeing up space on pc internal hard drive

will look forward to any one who can guide me thru this process

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Re: lost links clubs file

Post by Kunkleman »

I believe you just need to transfer .crz file to a Courses folder on the new drive. Then go to "Course Manager"---"add"---select that folder and add the courses. When it asks if you want a copy select "No". Leave one course on original drive--Driving range or practice whatever it is. Should play normal.
Someone will correct me if my memory is bad.
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