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Guys-I'm watching the Lez's still going to be quite a while before I'm nitpicking myself but my intent is to work on the courses of Stanley Thompson, from West to East.

1. Capilano...if I can figure out how get the Vancouver skyline in the picture
2. Jasper...the sister course to Banff
3. Islington...the sister to St. George
4. Weston...not a Thompson course but up the street from St. George, Islington and Lambton-where Arnie won his first PGA tournament.

I'm not including St. George-I'd rather leave that to the experts-besides I have no idea how long it will take me to get comfortable with APCD.

If any of you designers are working on any of these courses please let me know and I'll do something else. Canada's a great big country with lots of courses!
And I'll try to remember to back up me work onto a floppy.

I can hardly wait to become a nit-pickee...just don't hold your breath.
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