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Another historic Canadian course has only a decade to go, unless the federal/provincial and municipal government in Vancouver can make a monumental deal with the Musqueam First Nation.

The Musqueam own an extensive parcel of land in West Vancouver-it includes the University of British Columbia and the land along the bank of the Fraser River ...just as far as Shaughnessy. In the days before the First Nation were recognized as a people who could manage their own affairs the federal government represented them. They leased out the land along the Fraser to the members of Shaughnessy (who originally played at a different club). There are three courses just east of Shaughnessy (Marine Drive and Point Gray which are also private as well as McCleery, which is public that aren't part of the deal and the university long ago reached a deal...there is also a public golf course at UBC.

The Shaughnessy lease expires in 2033 and the Musqueam have made it clear that they want to develop the land. Unlike the Glen Abbey situation there's really nothing that can be done to save the course short of buying prime waterfront real estate...and as wealthy as Shaughnessy's members might be, they’re already looking at alternatives...preferably within a reasonable distance from the city...perhaps the UBC course, although that would raise issues of its own. For those who are interested, here's some background-some of it's a little dated but enjoy! ... ses-Homes/ ... -territory ... yfv%5Eg433$ ... cle720486/
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