Custom Pins - Sharing Thread

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Custom Pins - Sharing Thread

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Custom pins can be very important to the enjoyment of the game, especially if one plays on challenging or mixed green speeds where one single mid-slope pins can ruin your day in an unfair way. Even with the excellent BLI tool that quickly shows degree of slope it can be very time-consuming to select pins while making sure they're all fair, so sharing them with eachother is something I'd like to see more of, and here I am posting my collection so far. Please feel free to share your own if you have any, especially ones made for the faster speeds - though others are of course welcome as well.

Before I post mine below, I'd like to first share some tips of where else one can find custom pins. There is a pretty big (old) thread on LSPN about it thats worth checking out (link: ... &sk=t&sd=a ), though I tried some of those posted by various people a while back and wasnt very satisfied, I quickly ran into mid-slope pins among them so I stopped using those and began sticking to my own pins instead. There is always the chance that I was simply unlucky though, and you may find more success with them than I did. It's certainly a big collection.

I also have a document of someone's custom pins that I think was made by Adriaan Maarschalk? I unfortunately forgot from where or who I got it, but Im reposting it here: ... ay2k091uzx

My own collection
My collection of custom pins currently stand at 309 rounds of pins on 151 different courses. I picked them for my various Career Mode seasons where I mostly play 4 different courses per tournament because I enjoy variety, so they're mostly single round pins which may not be all that useful to many of you, but I play all my Major championships with all 4 rounds on a single course (for the special feeling) so I slowly build up some 4-round pin sets too, and I mean to update this upload in the future as I continue to make seasons with new pins.

These pins are meant to be realistic pins for realistic pro play green speeds, almost everyone has a different notion of exactly where the line is drawn between a fair or unfair pin, or enjoyable/unenjoyable, but my definition mostly goes after a quote by the president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects which put that borderline at 3% slope. (With the BLI one can see the % of slope based on how far up the bottom bar of the aiming stick is filled with yellow, between 0 and 10%).

I play Champ Classic without grid and dont have the BLI activated when I actually play rounds, so putting is a good challenge for me even with these pins on gentle (or as I would say - realistic) slopes, if you play on Pro Classic, with the grid, and mostly on speeds slower than M/Fc then these pins are not for you, they will be boring to putt to without some amount of challenge to the putting game.

Dropbox link for excel file "Custom Pins for Challenging Conditions - Adelade Collection 2021": ... 234lhgv4ge
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