two or three click?

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Re: two or three click?

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cloeks1 wrote: Fri Jun 11, 2021 2:38 pm Just tried Classic swing taking practice swings and the meter was as fast as ever.
Ok, thanks, I was just taking a wild guess at something. Never had this issue myself so near impossible to figure out why it may occur.
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Re: two or three click?

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Danny D wrote: Thu Jun 10, 2021 6:46 am :tiphat: On a side note, here's a tip for those that may not know.

You can make CLICK swings using the ZERO key on the keyboards NUM pad, instead of using the mouse button. Just make sure the NUM LOCK is turned on so the number keys are active.

The other option that this now Ancient Two Clicker uses is the F12 Key. Same deal as the ZERO key, hold it down til you get to 12 o'clock - or thereabouts, release, then zap it at 6. Had NEVER heard about the Zero Key. This place is ACE.
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Re: two or three click?

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3 click been doing it that way since i started playing this game.
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