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player file

Post by nickpasich »

If I want to play my tournament rounds on more than 1 computer, like if I'm travelling, where are the players stats kept in the actually Links folders?

I looked all through the directories and wasn't able to fine them. Even the Player folder didn't have my name in it.
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Re: player file

Post by pmgolf »

I'm not positive, but I believe it's at /Program Data/Links 2003/Players (I'm Windows 10).

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Re: player file

Post by Adelade »

By "tournament rounds" do you mean Career Mode or something else? If something else, ignore the rest of this message.

If Career Mode, well I havent tried this, but I theorize that you probably need:
1. The same player file on all your computers, you'll only need to copy this over once at the start (unless making a new player at some point).
2. The same season file on all your computers, you'll only need to copy this over once at the start (of each season).
3. The same roster file on all your computers, you'll only need to copy this over once at the start (unless both making a new player and changing the roster)
4. The same Career mode file, constantly copy-pasted over between computers each time you make progress.

File locations below depend in some cases on which version of Windows you have, whether you have the download or CD verion of the game, and whether you run the game as administrator or not. If you cant find the files at the locations listed below let me know.

1. To have the same player on all systems, I believe it is the .PIN file that is important, mine is at C:\ProgramData\Links 2003\Players , I advice copying over the whole Players folder to be safe. (If you have custom golfer animations, you might want those .L3 files too, from your default Links 2003\PolyAni folder)

2. Season files are .SEA and should be in your default \Links 2003\CAREERMODE folder, or otherwise at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Links 2003\CAREERMODE , if you are only using Links' standard seasons skip this step.

3. Roster files are .ROS , location same as .SEA ones above. If you have never modified your rosters or imported any, skip this step.

4. The file containing your Career Mode progress I believe is the .PHF one, but possibly the .SEP ones are important too, mine are at C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Links 2003\Career , I advice copying over the whole Career folder each time to be safe.
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