Average round Links 2003 score

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Re: Average round Links 2003 score

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I always play Pro, RTS. Various wind settings but predominately Breezy - rarely No Wind, Various green hardnesses - Moderate thru Fast (challenging) but never Soft, Various green speeds but never Slow and always Challenging. No pointer acceleration on Mouse. Grid and BLI used on greens.
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Re: Average round Links 2003 score

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greeman wrote: Tue Jan 24, 2023 8:10 pm I usually play Pro, Classic, Middle. Breezy, Moderate green hardness, medium green speed
This is similar to my set up and scores. The reason I chose these settings is I like to play Seasonal against The available pros Anaka, Sergio ...etc., but they were programmed to shoot in the low 50's by Microsoft. So it didn't take too long create fake pros and program them to shoot in the low sixties where I play, to ensure we are all equally competitive.
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