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pmgolf wrote: Fri Apr 30, 2021 11:42 am Jimbo, I use crowds in the last 2 rounds of every tournament - or, at least I turn the crowd switch on for those rounds. Some course designers didn't put crowds in, so the setting doesn't matter. Also, some players don't like playing with crowds on. That's why I chose the compromise of 2 rounds. For the bigger tournaments like majors, I use crowds for every round. :smile:

I was never aware that you used crowds. :smile: I always have them turned off.
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If you want to use the crowd noise you might as well have the people too...if this intimidates any player... :rofl:

I miss the spectators on the real real courses...especially ones that are used on tour.

Just wondering how long it takes to insert people. I just played an online tournament at Innisbrook-all the tour parts were in place (grandstands and TV towers). The only thing missing were the people.

Maybe we can blame Covid?
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That version of Innisbrook-Copperhead that you were playing has spectators. I used that version in my tournament and I saw some in the stands.

Underneath the tournament name on the "Current Events" page is an available selection called "View Courses and Conditions". When you click it you will see the course for the tournament and the conditions for each round. One of the items listed in those conditions deals with Spectators, only they are referred to as "Crowds". The options that the Tournament Director has to choose from are 1. No Crowds, 2. Small Crowds, 3. Medium Crowds, and 4. Large Crowds. That determines whether or not you see crowds, and if you do, how big they are.

I suggest you post a message for "GoesForIt" (your Tournament Director) and tell him you like playing with crowds. See what he has to say about it. I don't know what his opinion on it is.

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