Printing all Files from a Folder

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Printing all Files from a Folder

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For those that have requested ways and means of printing a listing of all the files in a folder, here a program that will aid in this.

Whilst reading this, please click the link below to load the page :

Karen's Directory Printer will allow you to print a listing of every file within any folder, or save it as a txt file to read or print later. It is a totally free program and is approx 1.6mb download.

For those wishing to simply list all COURSES, then you will need to create a new filter for the program to search only CRZ file extensions. This is easily done, and as follows :

On either the Print or Save To Disk tab, click EDIT FILTERS > NEW FILTER
In the Wildcard text box, enter the following
Now click the ADD WILDCARD box and it will appear in the Wildcards list.
Enter in the DESCRIPTION text box a suitable name, such as Courses Only.
Click DONE.

You can now select Courses Only from the drop down File Filters and then use the onscreen filters to gain a listing of the information you want from your folders. The program will allow you to gain a listing of lots of information, such as :
Filename, file extension, date created, date last accessed, filesize and more... and it will also aid in displaying the results in many sort types too, such as A-Z, date created, filesize and more.

Customise any listing you have to find out what courses you actually do play and what you have still to use !

Hope this helps!