2008 Realistic Seasons and Rosters

Seasons and Rosters available for download to enjoy when playing Links2003 Career. Plus Career simulations
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2008 Realistic Seasons and Rosters

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2008 Realistic Seasons and Rosters
by Ben Bateson

What Is It?

Based on the excellent past work of Adriaan (‘highfade’), this is my attempt at re-creating, as accurately as possible, the US and Euro Tour seasons for 2008 within the confines of the game.

What’s New?

Starting with highfade’s 2007 season, I have made the following changes:

• Refreshed US and Euro rosters based on 2007 earnings
• Tweaked player modifier scores so tournament scores are as realistic as possible (thanks to all those who gave me feedback from Beta testing)
• New events for 2008 added and dates changed where possible
• Bonus events from minor tours to fill up the gaps
• Courses updated: as many actual courses as possible, plus my recommendations for good substitutes
• Realistic field sizes, purses and conditions (using the 1.06 Mod)
• Real trophies


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