Realistic 2006 PGA Pro Roster

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Realistic 2006 PGA Pro Roster

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The aim of this Roster and short guide is to save some of the frustration of setting up a realistic Career in Links CAREER MODE.


Place the Pro Roster.ROS and Pro Roster.MOD files in your CAREER MODE folder to replace your current files. (Make a backup first)

In the game navigate to Options/Season Manager/Rosters to make sure the new Pro Roster is there. No need to make any changes. (You can change the names but leave the settings)

Setting up your season:

Before you start with a season there are a couple of things you need to do. These are things that cannot be changed once you’ve started your season. Set up the tournament names and the correct purse for each tournament. Except for the few tournaments where there is no cut and a smaller field like the Mercedes, make sure that your field size is 200. You can still set the cut at the top 70 but this will allow that all the players will have a change to get on the money list.

The tournament names are not that important if you use the CM-Earnings excel program for your stats.

Settings you can change during the season:

The course, the conditions, the pin placing as well as the setting of the difficulty slider.

Create a new player and start a new season. Make sure you win your Q-school event (Choose an easy course and use the default amateur roster)

Use this table as a guide to set up your tournament:
NOTE: I’ve used Breezy, Moderate Fast as my default conditions

Par 72 Courses
Average score of the leader after Round:
-6 -9 -11 -13 +1 B MF 1 LEFT
-9 -14 -18 -21 -2 B MF MIDDLE


>For par 71 & 70 courses add one or two strokes/round respectively. This works great as your par 70 courses are usually more difficult.

>No Wind will play a stroke/round easier and windy about 3 strokes harder.

>Firm conditions are slightly harder than Fast.

>You CAN move the difficulty slider between rounds. If you feel the field is too strong after round one, move the slider one notch to the left before you start your next round.

Also download the LinksCMPack for the Links CM Earnings.xls and the PGA 2nd Half 2006 Season files but use this Roster files.

Have fun

Adriaan Maarschalk (Highfade)