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I'm sure that you've heard about the ongoing rain on the west coast-we've had more in the past two weeks than in the past three years-but the interior of British Columbia has suffered more in two weeks than New Orleans has ever had in one "hurricane season"-and New Orleans gets hit with hurricanes every year.
What has happened in BC is known as "Atmospheric Rivers" and central BC has already suffered back-to-back atmospheric rivers with a third on the way.
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That's just a small example-things are actually worse than that. The province's agricultural, dairy, poultry and meat industries are effectively wiped out for at least a year and the transcontinental railroad and highway are being rebuilt as I write this. Right now our food is coming from Alberta-it's being shipped two ways-the northern railroad is still functioning...the other way is to run trucks through Montana, Idaho and Washington.
Needless to say the armed forces are on the ground..."Natural Disaster" is an understatement.

But that's not all...the east coast has has flooding problems of their own. The hardest hit were Nova Scotia-especially Cape Breton Island-and Newfoundland.
download/file.php?mode=view&id=2119&sid ... 1d09f58760

It's of little significance but three of Canada's best golf courses-Cabot Cliffs, Cabot Links and Highlands Links-plus many others-will take a couple of years to restore.

And winter snow will be arriving very shortly.

Here in south Vancouver Island and Vancouver itself, we've managed to avoid the worst-at least for now-just heavy rain...but this has to go down as the worst natural disaster in Canadian history...and it's hit both ends of the country
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