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If you have issues accessing any part of Links Corner this is the forum for you.
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Download problems

Post by Andy »

Depending on your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera) you may experience problems downloading some of the resources we offer here at Links Corner.

This is because the hosting package I use for all the courses, APCD resources, Career files etc etc is not itself secure.

The fact that it is not secure should be of no concern because by asking to download a file you are not (to the best of my knowledge) sending any sensitive data to that server.

I do not have the option of making that hosting package secure and unless I absolutely have to, I do not want to have to find another (secure) package as it will almost certainly cost more that the current package.

In the meantime, there are ways around this problem.

If you use Chrome to access Links Corner here is a work around.

1. When you choose to save a download from the insecure server you may see a message at the bottom of the browser like this :-
Untitled-1.jpg (7.56 KiB) Viewed 773 times
2. If you click on the little ^ (up arrow symbol) there is an option to Keep the file and clicking this will allow the download to continue.
Untitled-2.jpg (7.79 KiB) Viewed 773 times
I trust this is of some help to members.
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Re: Download problems

Post by pmgolf »

FWIW - I've been clicking the "Keep" since the warning first appeared and never had a problem.

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