Wrong course version

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Wrong course version

Post by pmgolf »

Andy, I've come across two courses where the version I downloaded was one version older than the version that was being described. Makes me wonder it the DB files have been restored from an incorrect backup sometime not long ago. the courses are these:

Chateau Bourrache - https://linkscorner.org/courses/course.php?crz=1670
Described version in URL is dated "2006-06-12 - 83,448,379 bytes", "Chateau Bourrache Golf Club_locked.crz"
Version in download .zip is "2006-05-31 - 81,493 kb", Same Name

Old Head Golf Links HD - https://linkscorner.org/courses/course.php?crz=2576
Described version in URL is dated "2020-08-03 - 69,318,355 bytes", "OldHead GC HD Final-1.crz"
Version in download .zip is "2020-08-02 - 69,341,535 bytes", "OldHead GC Final-1.crz"

I'm guessing you probably have notes from recent changes to files submitted as final that were resubmitted with another final .CRX. I don't know if this is widespread but I thought I would mention it in case it would be an easy fix with it being recent.

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Re: Wrong course version

Post by Andy »

I'm away from home at the moment, I'll investigate when I get back to the UK.
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Re: Wrong course version

Post by LeWAW »

I was a beta tester for Château Bourrache, never heard about another version than the 31/05/06...
CIAO, LeWAW :cheers1:
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Re: Wrong course version

Post by gator »

My two cents - what I have found regarding the release dates listed on a course listing page is that that date is reflective of the date the course was released on Links Corner and not necessarily the file date of the attached crz.

I believe this is the case with Château Bourrache. The course listing page you provided the link for shows a "Release Date" of "2006-06-12" and a "CRZ Filesize" of "83,448,379 bytes". The actual file date on the downloaded crz is "5/31/2006" with Windows File Explorer reflecting a "Size" of "81,493 KB". However, if you right-click on the file in File Explorer to bring up "File Properties" it reports a "Size" of "79.5 MB (83,448,379 bytes)" which is the same exact file size as on the course listing page. If there is a newer version of Château Bourrache than this I would love to have it as well, but that is unlikely based on LeWAW's input.

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Regarding Old Head, the "2020-08-02 - 69,341,535 bytes", "OldHead GC Final-1.crz" version you mention was the original d/l link for crz #2576 and was replaced the following day with the "2020-08-03 - 69,318,355 bytes", "OldHead GC HD Final-1.crz" version you mention. Previously, based on the common naming conventions used, the d/l link for the August 2 version would have ended in "...2576.zip" and the August 3 replacement would have ended in "...2576a.zip". I suspect due to the way Andy has had to reconfigure the downloads that the new version of the download link http://linkscoursefiles.co.uk/download. ... se_no=2576 is pointing to the original crz #2576 zip file instead of the replacement.
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