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Woodington Lake Golf Club
by Patrick Treude

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 971
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-07-16  37,172,620  bytes 72  7066 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  WOODLAND  Woodington Lake GC.crz 
Course ID Course Key
0804b0678c4711d6a01b0080c6fdcb21  27c07353d30c128522d4ea4beb035ce6 



Reviewed by
Joe Turner `Loner'
August 2002

The setting included a nice tee box, checkerboard fairways, deep rough all in attractive shades blending together very well. There wasn't a first cut or fringe at the greens, odd. Off to the right of the first tee box was a nice little putting green and small pro shop with a few players practising. He did a very nice job recreating the scene, nice enough that Arnie the ani went over to join them, but alas, no holes under the little flags, back to the action. Although many of the trees were tall and 'stalky' they looked natural especially set in the different type of undergrowth he used, wild grass, tall grass and pine needles. Some of the water hazards had very attractive decorative rock and plants along their banks to further enhance the beauty of this course. Although they seemed to be fairly harmless throughout the course his fairway bunkers were very nicely constructed, as was the entire course. The bunkers at the greens were a different story, if one is careful they can be avoided but they were placed strategically and could do damage if you aren't careful, very well done. I found that many of the greens had a tier at the rear and I tried to keep my shots short of the back to avoid having to allow for the slopes. The putting was medium it was not a very easy course but it wasn't an unfair one either. The slopes and the breaks on the greens had to be carefully figured to keep the putting score down. The fairways were medium to narrow but all seemed to be hittable and the odd curve here and there gave you a bit of good play for the days outing.

He used elevation changes very often and allowing for them with the club selection was an interesting part of this course. The caddie seemed to be quite good. With all of the elevation changes and the rugged look of this course, if he had used a mountain pano it wouldn't have surprised me in the least. After all this is a real course re-creation so I guess the pano idea is out. Most of the greens are elongated so care in hitting them and allowing for the bunkers and tiers became highly important in playing them. I had a problem the way hole # 4, par 5, 536y, was constructed at the landing point for the drive. It had a slope to it that made my ball roll into the rough even if much care was taken. With the narrow fairway at this point it was more a frustration than a challenge. Hole # 14 is a beautiful risk/reward hole and has to be played to be enjoyed.

Most real courses I have found not to be anywhere as interesting to play in Links as they are in real life, this is a rare exception. I'm obviously not including the major courses on the tour which as we have found out with all the fine designs that we have been given lately. Back to his enjoyable eighteen, it was the type of course we have seen all too often overlooked and forgotten a month after it has been introduced. I sincerely hope you will not let that happen to this course. It is a worthwhile download and although not small in size it isn't one if the larger loads we have seen as of late. Download it and enjoy it.

Reviewer Note:
I am a player not a designer and therefore rate a course as a player for other players.

Summary :
Included: readme, cameo, splash, hole preview, custom flag, custom tees, ball washers and buildings.
Not Included: recorded round, hole numbers or signs.
Statistical Information: par 72, 7066y, 4 sets of tees, 4-3 pars, 10-4 pars, 4-5 pars.

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