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by Robert Smith

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 873
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-04-23  24,709,581  bytes 72  7048 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
0250f413803144c58bbb4c61154b7ab0  34a35f81048e8fa211fe95945f14eddf 



Reviewed by Chuck Clark May 2002

Background: This is the first golf course released to Links Corner by Mr. Smith. The read-me has almost no information other than the designers name and course type (Imaginary). We have no expectations here so let's get on to the course.

Overall Impression: This course did not make a strong impression on me in any area. Just some bullet points for you: Whistler pano, lots of blind shots, isolated fairways, interesting tree planting, mediocre technical work, intriguing layout, potential for greater things, experimentation (?) by the designer.

Playability: This course is very playable. There are lots of blind shots and dog legs though, so you usually need to have the top cam open. Hole Previews would have been a big help on this course. The fairways and greens are generous enough and not too highly sloped. However, if you like to play 'natural' you will probably not like this course.

Shot Values: This is actually a pretty good course for testing your game. There are a number of holes where you may need to 'shape your shot'. I thought that the layout was interesting and showed a lot of promise. The designer had some intriguing ideas for shapes and layout of his holes.

Visuals: Well, despite the Whistler pano this course is not bad looking. The trees used are good looking and generally well done. The textures looked like the stock ones, but this is ok when used with the right type of planting. There were a few spots where some trees were scaled way too big and looked out of place; and there was not much done with under planting. This was obviously a first course, because you can see how the designer experimented as he went along.

Technique: There were lots of technical errors on this course. But you could almost see the designer learning as he went along. By the end of the course most of the errors had gone away. There were sharp texture transitions, not enough verts on some texture borders (resulting in angled looking shapes in the top cam), some sharp edges resulting in a few bad shadows and some unmapped bunker lips. But on the positive side there were some very smooth looking shoulders to some of the greens and most of the bunkers were very well done.

Summary: I think that this designer has lots of potential. I thought that the layout was pretty interesting and kept you thinking all the way around. You could almost see the designer getting better as you went from hole to hole. Unfortunately, there are too many errors for me to really recommend this course, but I am guessing that this designer will be heard from again. With another course or two under his belt, you could be looking at another top designer.

Included/Not Included:

Cameo: Yes
Splash Screen: No
Hole Previews: No
Tee Signs: No
Custom Tee Markers: No
Custom Flags: No
Read-Me: No
Handicaps: No
Custom or added Sounds: No

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