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The Quest
by Michael Koebbel

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 747
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-01-25  40,930,695  bytes 72  7374 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
ee7bdda003b411d680b5444553540000  47c1b8c418cde78c2436a4e60220b45d 



Reviewed by
James Wood
February 2002

Course Overview

This is a first attempt by Michael at designing an APCD course. It wasnít meant to be a fantasy course but the APCD work that was done puts it into that category. Itís set in a mountainous area but it wanders quite a bit as well. Objects galore have been put into the course and I especially noticed a lot of Guenterís throughout the course.

Tips for Playing the Course

Inserted shapes predominate here. The APCD was used to layout all the shapes and then they were inserted without regard to changes in elevation.

Typical first time mistakes are seen throughout the course. This includes 90 degree doglegs, par 3ís that exceed 240 yards, elevated flat greens, no risk/reward, poorly though out hazards, etc.

This course is not a good choice for either the PS player or the Champ player.

Favorite Hole

I canít say that I saw any I particularly liked. The screen shot illustrates the clutter you see on many of the tee shots.


Michael I would advise you to read some tutorials and practice your skills before releasing another course. Iím quite sure you have played some APCD courses (I know for a fact you must have played Guenterís courses) and Iím sure you know what they should look like. Cut down on the objects, use textures that blend well together, do not let the APCD define your shapes for you, work on elevations, and keep in mind what a course should look like. Obviously I canít recommend this course but I do want to encourage the designer to get better and try again.

This review will be based on playability, aesthetics and originality. Please keep in mind that this is only my opinion following my play-testing of the completed course.

I fully understand the hard work and immense skill that is involved in the designing of these courses and my comments will try to be constructive and without bias.

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