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The Ponds of Pitchford Run
by Steve Pitchford

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 718
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-01-01  34,936,289  bytes 72  7146 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
aedfac62d956479cb895e000cfe2130c  9bddb07f421cdc1599468fa60eecbbb9 



Reviewed by
Joe Turner `Loner'
January 2002

With its mowed fairways, large first cut, blended tee boxes and greens this was an attractive course. He used a dense well selected assortment of trees to line the fairway that were enhanced by the 'undergrowth' of pine needles. His use of covered bridges, plants and rocks dotting the landscape and other interesting objects made this an interesting course to play. His magnificent rock and plant decorations around the many water hazards were a treat to the eye. After playing both of his other courses Augusta National and reviewing Butlers this was a vast improvement.

His elevations and the caddie did not seem to give me any problems and I found his putting to be on the moderate side because of the many slight but interesting breaks. He didn't resort to unrealistic sloping to make the putting difficult. He has mastered the skill of well placed fairway bunkers that are just were you don't want them and then placed his greens bunkers just as well if not better. I felt that going for many of his greens and having to avoid his traps was an enjoyable experience. He in a few cases placed his trees on minor doglegs close to the line of fire, if you will, which I found that the best way to avoid them would be to move the ball on the tee and aim for the far side of the fairway. This necessitated keeping your drive to a normal distance and not trying to overswing for fear of missing the snap slightly. The 4-5 pars: # 5, # 7 and # 13 were all reachable in two but # 18 was only a possible.

#1 hole, par 4, 422y, a stream bisects this fairway, as it does a few others, and you have to use a 3w, but if you want to aim for the extreme right corner you can clear it with a 275y drive. It will end up in the generous first cut and leave 140y to the flag. It's not a gain of any kind but I play for fun and not always for the strategic advantage. From there, play em like ya got em.

# 6 hole, par 4, 446y, on this hole the trees on the left can and will be a minor hazard if you let them. I moved my ball to the far right of the tee box and aimed at a spot on the right side of the fairway 295y down, my drive went an even 300y, leaving me 133y and a 9 iron for the following shot.

#18 hole, par 5, 563y, here I wanted to stay to the left of the fairway so my approach to this unbelievably well guarded green would be easier. The trees again played a factor in my drive; a move of the ball to the right of the tee box cured the problem. My drive was 293y and I had 263y to the dreaded green. If I cut across using a 3w to the right side of the green it left a 31ft putt. If I lay up with a 2 iron in front of the creek I had a 45y chip. Your call, a birdie hole either way.

Three seems to be the magic number for Steve; this is a beautiful and imaginative course to play. No it's not the ultimate challenge but besides being better looking an better playing than his two previous courses he seems to be taking his time, planning and trying out for a better play. Possibly with a few beta testers he might have made the holes a little more interesting but if you are looking for a sleeper that is lost in the deluge of super courses this month, this is one of them. I would very much recommend this course to you for a very enjoyable round of golf, memorable, no, fun, yes.

Reviewer Note:
I am a player not a designer and therefore rate a course as a player for other players.

Summary :
Included: readme, cameo, splash, custom flag, ball washers, cartpath and buildings.
Not included: custom tees, hole previews, signs or numbers.
Statistical information: par 72, 7146y, 4 sets of tees, 4-3 pars, 10-4 pars. 4-5 pars.

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