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by Stuart Kahle

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 717
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-01-01  16,081,710  bytes 72  7258 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  PARKLAND  Yindjibarndi.crz 
Course ID Course Key
f6241fedf5834a9d943ead2b41930c4b  f44518008f60fccc367930929759e58c 



Reviewed by
Matt Lilly
March 2002

Opening: Yindjibarndi is apparently named after an Aboriginal language. Don't ask me how to pronounce it, because I wouldn't know where to start. Luckily, this is a golf game and not a spelling bee.

Views from the First: This appears to be a parkland course with an open fairway to start out with. Bunkers guard both the fairway and green, while a creek protects the front portion. I feel the fairway texture was a nice choice, although some might not be as fond of it. The bunkers are all sharp and smooth in appearance.

Hole 3: A 200 yard par 3. Metal fences surround most of the tee boxes on this course. I think fences are an underused option in the APCD, and when done well, like they have been here, they can really add to the effect and feel of a course. There is a good amount of sand to be cautious of around the green, but the putting surface is hard to miss. Slight breaks are the most one has to worry about while putting.

Hole 5: The fairway on this par 5 is split up into two separate landing areas. A little more planting around the edges of the lake would have been beneficial to help cover up the abrupt transition from rough to water. Another generous green is provided, surrounded by more traps.

Hole 7: A very narrow fairway awaits your drive. In fact, it may prove to be too narrow for some people's tastes, particularly Power Strokers. A very tricky second shot awaits as the trees to the left block the approach and there is not too much room to work the shot around them. A lay-up or severe draw will be necessary. It is a bit unfair, but it can be pulled off depending on where your tee shot is placed to begin with.

Hole 9: A tricky par five awaits on this 506 yard hole. The tee shot must be drawn in order to set up a 175-yard approach. Bunkers must be contended with to the right of the green.

Hole 10: This par 4 is a perfect risk-reward opportunity. If you have the wind kicking behind you, it is possible to go for the green in one. However, if it is not, it is necessary to lay-up in front of the stream, while still avoiding a large patch of rough in the middle of the fairway.

Hole 13: A nice short par 3 over water where a shot short of the green will get eaten up by a greenside bunker. The planting is nice around the water and the green is easily manageable.

Hole 14: An interesting par 4. The hole takes the shape of a long and sharp dogleg left. You must play your first shot long and straight to set yourself up for 260 more yards to reach the green over water. The green is huge, though, so there should be plenty of room to work with.

Hole 16: Another narrow two-part fairway to contend with on this 582 yard par 5. A lay-up will be necessary unless you have real guts and power to crank out the extra needed 250 yards to meet the green.

Hole 18: A nice, straightforward finishing par three. This is basically a no-brainer, unless you happen to hook or pull your shot, in which case you will end up in one of the two greenside bunkers

Favorite Hole: Tossup between 14 and 18.

Good Points: Use of the APCD seems to be pretty much covered by Stuart. Plantings of both shrubbery and fencing is very nice. General layout is nicely done.

What Needs Work: Some holes are unfair in areas, as far as blocked shots or narrow fairways. The course also seemed a little bland in appearance. No biggie though.

Final Thoughts: This is an excellent piece of work by Stuart. It has the feel of an upscale public or private course. There was nothing that really jumped out and said Wow! like in some other designs, but it is still a very solid design nevertheless. I recommend this course wholeheartedly and eagerly await Stuart's next endeavor. I congratulate him on a job well done.

I have had no prior experience with this designer and therefore do not know what to expect.

Course Info :
Cameo: Yes
Splash Screen: Yes
Hole Previews: Yes, and very helpful.
ReadMe: Yes, in Word format.

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