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Keystone Point 2002
by Doug Quillen

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 638
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-11-04  32,972,111  bytes 72  6797 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  MOUNTAIN  Keystone2002.crz 
Course ID Course Key
4598bb41cbc911d586ff00047611ed04  c03e276b1c3f60cbadbab403177d3c41 



Reviewed by Joe Turner `Loner'

November 2001

A beautiful undergrowth of yellow flowers accented this attractive deep, dark, textured rough and mowed fairway. The tee boxes and greens were a contrasting green that complemented this enjoyable course. The fairways that alternated between medium narrow and narrow were very hittable but undulating to the point were you could get a good roll if you were lucky. The greens were leaning toward the easy side but certainly not easy with their slight breaks and occasional oversloping. In spite of the quirks in some of the greens you will get more than your share of birdies and the occasional eagle. He has some fascinating holes that can be navigated if well thought out and a few too many doglegs. The 7th, 2nd shot watch it, the 8th, go to a 4 iron adjusted or it's bunker time. The 10th, cut across and have an easy approach shot.

The elevations certainly were interesting and the caddie although accurate, at times needed some watching. The fairways were guarded by both water and sand but not too effectively, with some exceptions such as the 17th, it became so narrow at the landing point that my golf ball had to suck in it's dimples just to get through, yes it did! The 18th was similar but between two bunkers. The greens were virtually unguarded.

3rd hole, par 3, 210y, 24y drop, use an adjusted 5 iron here for the perfect birdie.

4th hole, par 5, 482y, there are 5 bunkers on the right side of this 'S' shaped fairway, I aimed almost to the top of the 4th bunker to miss the tall tree just to the left of the tee box and had a 285y drive. With 157y to go and a 59ft rise in elevation a 6 iron.a eagle, do it again, don't know!

I found this to be a very enjoyable attractive course with some challenges and some 'givens'. It is the kind of course that you say I want to play again to see if I can do., and you play it again because you are going to keep it on your hard drive. It's not one of the most memorable courses to come along but it's a course you will enjoy playing many times when you 'just want a round of golf'. Download this one and have some fun but don't expect an unforgettable course, just a 'fun' course.

Reviewer Note

I am a player not a designer and therefore rate a course as a player for other players.

Summary :

Included: cameo, splash, custom tees, custom flag, ball washers, hole numbers, cart path, carts, buildings, and carts.

Not included: readme, hole preview and hole sign.

Statistical information: Par 72, 6797y, 5 sets of tees, 4-3 pars, 10-4 pars, 4-5 pars, 'F' type mountainous course, played pro, clicker, bck/nw/m/m and a download of 28.9mb.

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