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Box Canyon Fantasy
by Chuck Clark

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 599
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-10-10  8,967,232  bytes 71  6821 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
IMAGINARY  DESERT  boxcan.crz 
Course ID Course Key
8d6297c2bda511d5935a00105a203a81  5157da52149ede58ef2e44b5fa1a8a78 



Reviewed by Matt Lilly

Expectations: I have played many of Chuck's prior releases including Crocodile Falls and Crowning Hills, which I reviewed. This design has been touted as a fantasy experience and should feature many dramatic elevation changes. This should lead to some interesting shots as well as hole and tee placements.

View from the 1st: This course has been designed using the Mesa Roja red sandstone cliffs. Various plantings include desert scrub and cacti. A large rock formation appears to be leaning up against another to the left. The fairway is about 90' up, so a miss to the left it will be difficult to recover from. A strip of rough separates the fairway from desert sand and dirt.

Hole 3: The fairway on this hole has been split into two sections. The first portion is about 120' above the hole. From that height you are offered a good look at the surrounding holes.

Hole 4: The green of this 194-yard par three is tucked away in a corner, surrounded halfway by sandstone cliffs. There is no rough near the green, so the cliffs jut up right next to the green. Therefore, anything hit off it will most likely end up next to or on the green.

Hole 8: Another par three. This time, the green is perched atop a cliff, a trademark of the course that shows through on many of the green and tee locations. The putting surface features two main tiers, neither of which is too drastic.

Hole 12: A 566 yard par five that is bordered on the left by a lake and cliffs on right which follow the fairway directly up to the green. A doughnut hole has been cut into the rock. If you so choose, a shot can be played through it, though I found it just as easy to go over.

Hole 16: This hole is unique in the fact that a bunker has been placed smack-dab in the middle of the putting surface. I suppose this would be one of those instances where chipping on the green would be permitted.

Hole 18: A beautiful finishing par three. The green is placed atop another red-stone cliff. A rock overhang obstructs the green's view in the top cam, so be careful if you are hitting a high, lofting shot. Miss the green here though and you will find yourself having a difficult time recovering.

Good Points: Rock work was very well done and even though the course falls into the fantasy category, everything still felt very natural in a way. Planting was well done throughout the desert and many holes made you think about your strategy, a feature which was well appreciated. It made me think about my next move, which should be applied to every course.

What Needs Work: Some bunkers were rough here and there, and work around the water could have been smoother. Perhaps more plantings close to the water's edge could have helped.

Favorite Hole: 18

Final Thoughts: I have not been one to usually seek out fantasy courses, but I must admit I was surprised by this one. Perhaps more than anything, this design was fun to play. It made for an enjoyable round and I had to use my brain on a lot of shots. I would recommend this of course to those whom like fantasy courses, but also to those who have been wary of things out of the ordinary. The download size is welcoming, probably due to the absence of any tournament objects. This course will have a permanent spot on my computer, as it should on yours.

Course Info :
Cameo Screen? Yes
Splash Screen? Yes
Text file? Yes
Hole Previews? No
Reviewed October 2001

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