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Scoonie Golf Course
by Dave Leitch

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 475
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-07-11  22,106,769  bytes 67  5374 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  PARKLAND  Scoonie.crz 
Course ID Course Key
2588c60073f511d5a4c8dba2641c8023  e24c150986634c5d0e63f84c0c8e6999 



Reviewed by Joe Turner `Loner'

August 2001

First, we must remember that this is a rendition of a real course and cannot contain anything that the real course does not.

Dave did an admirable job creating a course that he played many years ago.

I would categorize it as an executive course because of 5 par 3's, 13 par 4's, and no par 5's.

If you're trying to boost your birdie average this course is made for you. The driving is generally long and straight on very wide fairways. Most second shots (if the first doesn't hit the green even on par 4's) are chips that should take you within easy flat birdie range.

The fairway and greens bunkers are very seldom a factor in this game. With very few trees, the hazards on this course are practically nonexistent. The only thing you have to watch out for will be the greens, they are almost all raised. Think about that with your second shot or you'll fall back.

Cross shots are possible on some holes, but be certain you can make the pin and not leave yourself an unrealistic putt.

The caddie seems to read better than the elevation meter.

As for color, green is the choice of the day but the tees, fairways, greens and rough (what there is of it) blend very well.

A few examples:

Hole #2, par 4, 293y, be aware of the tall tree to the left of green that cannot be cleared. Aim to the fairway that is to the left of the green, a bit more to the right than center, hit a fade driver, and you should hit the green to the left of the flag. I won't say how many mulligans it took to figure that out after hitting the tree, but I'm not sure I could do it again.

Hole #3 par 4, 301y, the green can be reached from the tee but it left me with a 34 foot putt. Better off laying up and chipping close enough for a birdie.

The top views as well as the course seem very bland to me; he did a good job considering the type of course it is.

The short shots and very flat greens combined with fast rendering (because of the lack of heavy planting) make this course one that you should play if you are looking for a 9 par and have a little extra time.

The challenge just isn't there. Maybe with a full wind and slow greens it might cause you to stop and think about your next shot, but for now the only way it can be a keeper is if you are sitting and staring at the computer and decide you just want to bang the ball around.

Filesize 19MB

Reviewer Note

I am a player not a designer and therefore rate a course as a player for other players.

Summary :

Included: read me, cameo, splash, housing tract, cart path, and tent.

Not included: custom flag, custom tees, custom hole signs, hole preview, and ball washers.

Statistical information: par 67, 5374y, played bck/nw/m/m, 'R' type course. 18.5mb download.

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